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Password Book: Website/User Name/Login Organizer


If you want your passwords kept secure and away from prying eyes, then this is the ultimate login and password book for you. Never lose your password and login creds again!

This password features:

  • 6 x 9 matte soft cover
  • 120 sectioned page
  • A-Z ALPHABETIZED MAIN SECTION for jotting down website addresses and your private login info
  • Space to notate your home and office email set-up and includes room for notes about your home and office network settings
  • A must-remember phone numbers section at the rear of the book
  • A personal notes section
  • Great size for a backpack, purse, or brief case

If you’re tired of hackers stealing your creds, or just can’t find that certain gum wrapper you jotted your last password down on, then look no further: THIS journal has it all.

Website/UserName/Login Organizer, Phone Book, Home and Work Email; 6 x 9; 120 Pages; Alphabetically Categorized; Ideal for Internet and Tech Security

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