Disk Space Usage

This function shows you information about the available free space for your website. At the top of the main screen is a graph displaying the basic disk usage information by directory in Megabytes. This tells you what directories use the most space on your website’s hard drive.

When you click the Increase and Decrease Depth buttons, cPanel will display subfolders in the defined magnitude. For example, if the / (root) directory is being displayed and the depth is set to 2, cPanel will display the subfolders of / and the subfolders of /$dir. If the depth is set to one, only the subfolders of / will be displayed.

Delete Files

To delete files:

• Select the checkbox for the file(s) you want to delete.

• Click Delete Selected.

• You are able to select all of the files by clicking the All link next to the Select: heading.

° You can deselect all the files by clicking None.

° You can also sort the list by size or directory by clicking the corresponding header.

° You can narrow the list by clicking on a directory. This will cause its contents to appear.

The Drop-Down Menu

The drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page contains actions that you can select to navigate the directories and subdirectories of your website. These options include:

• Show/Hide the Parent Directories

• Show Top Level

• Clear File Usage Cache

• Show/Hide Small Files

• Show File Size as Bytes/Megabytes